Our Solutions

Server and System Integration

Venmitra Systems is geared to handle all types of servers and operating systems- be it Windows, Unix, Linux, or any of their flavors. We have expertise in Client-Server Technology as well as server based computing including Thin Clients. Call our System Integration Group to talk to you on your needs.

Networking & Enterprise Connectivity Solutions

Venmitra Systems is geared to handle technology rather than only products. Technology is constantly changing and products keep adapting to these changes. Our experience in multi-vendor products allows us to handle LAN and WAN integration issues at all levels, be it a green field project or an up-gradation. We can provide you support for leased line and remote access services as well as provide you service for Virtual private Networks and Voice over IP implementations

Professional Consulting Services

Build it right- the first time. If you believe this as much as we at Venmitra Systems do then you can depend on us to provide you with solutions that have been designed right using proper design principles, to provide you with the right-sized solution minus the pain.Venmitra’s knowledgeable consultants can help assess your needs, provide a recommendation of the best technologies, integrate a complete computing solution, and train your people. Venmitra provide knowledgeable, end-to-end support for everything you need in today’s heterogenous computing environment. Get our Professional Consulting Group to talk to you on your needs

Specialized Software Services (Windows, Linux, Unix)

Venmitra Systems has always been quick to recognize the lacuna in specialized services and innovative in addressing the cheap authentic jerseys from China potential of niche services. Venmitra Systems has developed capabilities for providing support services for various operating systems including Windows, Unix, cheap nfl jersey Linux, Novell Netware. In the Internet age where communication is an integral part of any business Linux based e-mail provides the most cost-effective and no- compromise solution. Our Specialized Software Services Group can help you deploy the Linux OS along with all essential services.

IT Facility Management

Organizations use IT as a tool to further their business interests and to keep them ahead of competition. When routine IT tasks take more time than the core business then it is high time that a serious look at outsourcing is taken. Our experienced and capable resident engineers will take care of all your routine tasks including liaison with vendors and help ensure smooth daily operations.

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